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Mobile surveillance tower VIDO VIBOX bullet cameras

A mobile tower for a very quick start-up of a video-monitoring point. Designed to provide complete security for construction sites, critical infrastructure or anywhere where temporary monitoring is required without access to a power source.

The set does not include a battery, it is possible to install up to 3 200Ah or 240Ah batteries (600 or 720Ah in total).

  • Box with wheels – 115×70.5×115 LxWxH
  • Box with wheels + folded mast without head 171 cm
  • Box with wheels + folded mast + head 193 cm
  • Box with wheels + extended mast + head 460 cm
  • Space needed to erect a tower with supports 150×250 cm
  • Tower weight without battery: 200.00 kg
  • Weight of one battery: 63.5 kg

The tower is fully adapted for self-transport. The small size of the tower also allows for safe, quick and cheap transport of the tower on a pallet. The cost of such transport currently oscillates between PLN 200-300. It also includes forklift attachments to lift and transport the tower if necessary. Thanks to the wiring with quick connectors, you can easily detach the head on which the cameras are mounted to safely transport it. It is recommended to remove the battery for transport.

  • Construction sites – protection of the machine park and stockpiles of goods
  • Protection of photovoltaic farms  Monitoring during urban events
  • Protection of car parks and outdoor squares
  • Monitoring of mobile investments, such as construction of roads or gas pipelines
  • Protection of wind farms
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructure facilities
  • Remote view of the designated area by uniformed services
  • Nature protection, monitoring of animal crossings and protection of natural monuments
  • Monitoring at ground airports of aero clubs
  • Preview of accident sites and places affected by a natural disaster

Additional options:

  • Installation of the Reconeyez System instead of cameras.
  • Possibility of installing LED lighting – two headlights with a beam angle of 180 degrees each
  • Possibility to mount an Axis IP loudspeaker
  • The tower is available in the color: RAL5015
  • Possible veneering of the tower at the customer’s request
  • Mast with a head 455 cm high
  • The head is adapted for mounting: cameras, illuminators, speakers
  • Possibility to mount any type of cameras: bullet, dome, PTZ, etc.
  • 4 5Mpx bullet cameras with illumination up to 30m, intrusion image analytics, crossing the line – classification of people and vehicles, scene change
  • 8-channel recorder with a hard disk allowing for continuous archiving for 40 days.
  • The set does not include a battery, but it is possible to mount up to max. 3 batteries 240Ah (total 720Ah)
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Charging the battery from 230V
  • GSM module that allows image transmission to any place (slot for two SIM cards)
  • GPS module
  • WiFi
  • Guys from the head to the tower
  • Guys from the head to the ground
  • Sliding support feet
  • Swiveling and fixed wheels with brakes for easy positioning and transport of the tower
  • 20m extension cable for powering/charging the tower
  • Alarm system

The device allows you to work on battery power from 2.5 to 10 days or connect to a permanent 230V power supply. It has a built-in recorder that guarantees recordings for several dozen days. Equipped with 4 IP cameras with an efficient H.264 / H.265 image compression algorithm ensuring clean and smooth image transmission at a maximum resolution of 5MPx and IVS image analysis that will define such events as:

  • Intrusion – allows to detect an object entering or leaving the protected zone and triggering a specific alarm action.
  • Crossing the line (classification of people and vehicles) – the function triggers an alarm after crossing the drawn line in the set direction by a moving object. During the configuration, you must specify the direction of movement of objects in relation to which the alarm will be triggered. Possible configurations are A->B, B->A or bi-directional traffic A<->B.
  • Scene change – this function allows you to detect changes in the image. The device makes an intelligent comparison of the scene. If the comparison reveals that the scene has changed, the specified alarm action is performed. Thanks to this function, we will be informed when the camera is obscured, it changes its position or another anomaly in the image is detected.
In order to meet specific requirements, it is possible to extend the image analysis package using external software. Sending data from the cameras to any place will be provided by the GSM LTE module. The device also has slots for two SIM cards, which gives the possibility of protection in a situation requiring operation with two different operators. The built-in GPS locator will allow you to check the location of the tower anywhere and protect it against theft. In addition, the device has an internal alarm system informing about the interference of unauthorized persons in the tower, e.g. opening the door of the box.


Safety is essential – that’s why the tower is stabilized by extendable and adjustable bases. In addition, the device has guy lines coming from the mast to the tower, and from the mast to the ground, which guarantee full stabilization in the event of very strong wind. The well-thought-out design of the tower head means that all cabling is hidden inside the tower, minimizing the risk of damage and increasing the aesthetics of the device.


Equipment additional accessories

  • A set of two LED illuminators 180 degrees each
  • Axis IP speaker
  • 200Ah battery
  • 240Ah battery

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